Wild Play - What do kids do?


Do you remember having the freedom to play outdoors as a child? We think that playing outdoors in wild spaces is so important for health, wellbeing, as well as being one of the most fun things you can do! It can seem too difficult and risky in today’s urban environments, but there are opportunities if you look for them.

How we organise wild play When young people join our workshops we invite them to explore the space with us and tell us what they want to do. Regular requests are building, climbing, clearing spaces, collecting objects, taking photos, spray panting as well as just mucking around with their friends!

How we support friendships Often young people who join our worshops don’t know each other. Self-directed play is an essential process of building friendships. They spend time together exploring the natural environment as they spontaneously hide, clear spaces and climb trees, They are in control of their play and constantly discover new ways of enjoying the environment.

Including technology in outdoor play We provide young people with digital cameras to record their experiences themselves, Watch our video below to find out what the young people we’ve worked with enjoy about wild play. Kids love playing with technology to create their own stories but when we ask them “would you prefer to be at home playing a video game or play here?” we get 100% reaction that wild play outdoors is better!