Urban Wilderness - Our Ethos

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Urban Wilderness works to benefit children, young people and families living in disadvantaged urban areas by:

  • developing personal confidence through engagement with creative projects

  • promoting the use of urban green spaces as sites for community wellbeing


Spending time outdoors in local green spaces establishes a connection with everyday nature which is lacking in many young people today due to concerns about safety, particularly in urban environments. Lack of access to nature, or nature deficit disorder, can have a negative impact on young people’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Communities living in disadvantaged urban areas often have limited access to nature parks or creative services due to a lack of transportation, time pressures, shortage of disposable income, and the assumption that nature and creative activities are ‘not for me’.

Creative activities, including idea generation, visual art, and construction skills, are sorely needed in these deprived areas to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of the local community. Shared creative projects empower young people to problem solve, develop teamwork skills, and uncover a personal resilience.



Building on our research during the Feral Spaces project, Urban Wilderness places young people at the centre of all decision making, empowering them to develop ideas, learn new skills and direct projects. All adults involved take on the role of ‘facilitators’, questioning, advising, training and supporting young people to realise their ideas.

This approach builds equal relationships between all participants and supports young people to develop child-led community spaces https://blog.derby.ac.uk/2018/09/exploring-wild-spaces-wellbeing-young-people/



We work in partnership with charities, arts organisations, educational institutions and local community groups who want to involve young people from disadvantaged urban areas in cultural placemaking and build a meaningful connection with nature. To develop projects with Urban Wilderness please contact info@urbanwildernesscic.com