Why Urban Wilderness?


There is a growing body of evidence that children missing out on outdoor play is a cause for concern. Possible links between lack of outdoor play and rising levels of childhood obesity, screen time and a rise in mental health issues in children have led to a number of interventions from organisations such as the National TrustNatural England and RSPB aiming to reconnect children with nature.

Urban Wilderness recognises that these interventions are an important start but are only accessible to those with who can afford it when it is children living in deprived urban areas who need it most. Our projects are filling this gap by supporting urban communities to connect with wild spaces in their local area as an alternative to visiting national parks and wildlife reserves that require transport and can be expensive.

By building children’s relationship with nature we are supporting ecologists, conservationists and nature lovers of the future. It is more important now than ever to support a generation who will inherit the ecological problems of the future.