Nature Friendly Schools


During our 3 years working as the Feral Spaces project, we developed long term relationships with local schools. We have had wonderful feedback from the staff and students that we’d like to share with you!



“We started off with almost a blank canvas. But we didn’t see that as an obstacle. We saw it as an opportunity.” Year 7 student

At our school, we are very keen for our students to have great experiences as they go through their school life. Working with Feral Spaces, this is very much the case. Not only do our students come away from the traditional classroom environment, but they use and develop skills they never knew they had. 

We have done numerous projects with Feral Spaces and each project gets bigger and better. It's great to work with people who are so enthusiastic and passionate about what they do, and who work hard to develop the skills of young people. 

“I haven’t really done anything like this before. It’s amazing. We’ve actually built our own swing and hammock. We planned it and then made it happen. All of us have worked hard to make the area better for the community.” Year 8 student


Our students love the projects. They get to use drills, saws, spray paint and physically create objects that enhance the area. More importantly, the spaces the students work in are local to them. The project has legacy because the space holds personal meaning and the students take pride in improving their community.

Each time a new project comes round, we have to have a waiting list for students. The projects are hugely popular, and the students who do take part always want to come back and do more. That is down to the platform that Feral Spaces give them and the confidence the workers give them to try new things. 

Through the activities, our students develop friendships (that last when the project end) and work incredibly well together with students they wouldn't have worked with before. 


We love the work we do with Feral Spaces and hope to carry on working together. We love working with local groups in the community; especially groups that put young people as the focal point of all they do. Long may it continue.



We’re looking forward to working with more educational partners in 2019. Talk to us about how to become a nature friendly school and support your students wellbeing.